My name is Elena and I make things for the web. I'm a self-taught developer based in Italy looking for my first position in the field. I'm passionate about experimenting with new technologies and motivated by new challenges.

These days I like working with: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/ES6, Sass, React, Node


Pocket to Kindle Code
Tool to send articles saved in your Pocket account directly to your Kindle device. Tech used: Node
RSS Feed Reader Code
RSS Feed Reader in which the user can add new sources and save articles for reading them later and as favorites. Tech used: HTML, CSS, React, Express, Firebase
Tracks of the day Code Demo
Discover music on Spotify with a specific date in the title. Tech used: HTML, CSS, React


Akayoroshi Android Web
Akayoroshi lets you play Koi-Koi, a traditional Japanese card game played with Hanafuda cards. Developed in Unity